“I was so happy to work with Michelle. I found her to be thoughtful and thorough in her approach. She listened to all of my questions, and helped to clarify my business goals in order to better pinpoint her suggestions. Her insights were extremely useful, and I continue to make the changes she suggested. She enabled me to better utilize my website to grow my business. Also, she took the time to follow up with an email that outlined all of her suggestions in detail, complete with resources that I would find helpful. I look forward to working with Michelle again very soon!”

—Denise Mortati, Attorney


“Michelle Coe has an innate ability to create practical magic for her clients. She taps into her deep knowledge of the graphic world and all things WordPress (and much more) to help tackle those real-life business challenges. Her added edge is the ability to listen deeply and intuit your higher needs for reaching current and prospective clients. Multiple light bulbs went off for me during our meeting, and since then, I’ve had a forward motion in executing concrete strategic steps to help me reach my most important goals.”

—Rebecca Villarreal, Author
The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón: A Globetrotting Magical Mystery of Courage, Food & Friendship


“Working with Michelle has been such a pleasure. She has a keen sense of her clients’ needs and is able to articulate their wishes in a wonderfully creative and professional way. I am thrilled with the logo she designed for my company and always look forward to opportunities that afford us the chance to collaborate on projects.”

—Jennifer E. Goldman, Resonance LLC


“I would highly recommend Michelle Coe and BlueSkyPhoenix. Michelle is a pleasure to work with. Always nice, professional, and contributes an opinion to the subject being discussed. She is also very responsive, on time, and adheres to deadlines. Furthermore, Michelle gives a heads up to changes or updates on the horizon vs. springing a surprise at the last minute. I’d highly recommend Michelle and her team.”

—Paul Cannella, President & Founder, LLC


“When I met Michelle, the website for my Interior Design firm was stuck in the past. It was not enabled for mobile devices and the look and feel were dated. I too, had encountered difficulties working with various web designers over the years (either they were unresponsive to the point of taking months to complete tasks that should have taken days, or spent hours giving me every technical back-end detail that I didn’t need to know and didn’t understand). Needless to say, I dreaded the process of updating my website.

Working with Michelle was a breath of fresh air! She exceeded my expectations in every way, and I found the process fun and collaborative. By asking a few questions and really listening to my answers, she totally nailed my creative style and personality that I was trying to express through my website. Her creative style and mine were in sync throughout the project and she made suggestions that I had not even thought of that ultimately made the project better. She communicated clearly about what she needed from me, was extremely patient and gave me realistic expectations of her time frames for turnaround. It was an absolute joy to work with Michelle, and I could not recommend her more highly!”

—Suzy Watkins, ASID, Sterling Design Group, LLC


“Working with Michelle to create my company’s website exceeded all of my expectations. My project began with an initial discussion about the purpose and requirements I envisioned for my website. The results from this discussion fed into a detailed project plan that kept us on track from start to finish. We quickly established a collaborative working relationship which promoted quick requests for feedback, responses to questions and solidifying decisions—this consistently kept the project moving. Receiving suggestions from both design and content perspectives were extremely valuable in staying true to the initial design objectives we established from the outset.

Michelle’s technical and design excellence coupled with her deep interest and instincts about my wants and needs made it easy for me to place my trust in her. Working with Michelle was an absolute joy. She listens, she questions, she seeks to understand, and she delivers. I could not be more thrilled with the final development of my website.”

—Lois Pfeiffer, The NorthStar Group, LLC


“I came to Michelle and BlueSkyPhoenix when I was on time crunch with a web project of my own and had some glitches that I simply could not work out. They were so accommodating in accepting my small rush project. At BSP they are not only good, they are good people. Working with Michelle I came to realize that she has quite a keen eye for design. She also has a thoughtful, adept approach to fully answering questions and explaining details. How rare to find both! She and her team graciously and professionally managed every one of my requests and went a few steps further to suggest some edits that ultimately made my project even better.”

—Jennifer Marble, Jennifer Marble Consulting


“Michelle Coe (BlueSkyPhoenix) and I have been working together for more than three years and I just could not be happier. Michelle is simply amazing! She is invaluable to my business. Michelle is highly responsive, creative, and a go getter. I cannot even think or imagine life without her! She is my marketing backbone! She designed my website and she designs all my ads. Any ideas I have for my business, Michelle makes a reality! Not only does she make my dreams a reality, she far exceeds all of my expectations. The best decision I ever made was hiring Michelle Coe for my web design and marketing needs, hands down!”

—Christine Duvall, Realtor


“Before working with Michelle at BlueSkyPhoenix, I was in a bad position. I had spent too much time and money hiring the wrong people and was left with more problems than I started with. Michelle made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. Her honesty and understanding set her apart from all the others. At no point in the entire project did I ever feel like she was pulling the wool over my eyes. She kept me updated on every issue, offered alternatives and spent considerable time re-organizing the project so that it could fit within my budget. It was clear that Michelle cared about my project, and this feeling did much to alleviate the anxiousness I felt from my prior experiences and my restrictive budget. Now, my website looks fantastic. Even better than I had imagined at the start. While I don’t anticipate another project soon, I am very much looking forward to working with her again. I highly recommend Michelle for whatever you need. Seriously, stop reading this and hire her immediately. ”

—Carlos M.


“We at Light Beam Antenna & Apparatus, LLC are very satisfied by the work produced by BlueSkyPhoenix, LLC.  We are more than satisfied – our expectations have not only been satisfied, they have been consistently exceeded.  BlueSkyPhoenix has created advertising, display posters, pamphlets, newsletters and has also created our web site.  Work is always completed per schedule and on time.  The service provided by BlueSkyPhoenix is complete – everything from creation to final production.  They do everything including working with other vendors such as printers to get the finished copy completed.  We enjoy working with BlueSkyPhoenix because of the Quality results, their dependability and their competitive cost.  We see a long continuing relationship with BlueSkyPhoenix, LLC.  They are like one of our family!”

—Wayne F.


“Michelle is very knowledgable, professional and patient. There were several instances when I gave her confusing or wrong direction (my fault) and she patiently helped me understand what really needed to be done to solve the problem. She had to work with a pre-designed concept and she was able to duplicate the concept and give me everything I needed in a timely manner.She has a good sense of design and production. I highly recommend Michelle. ”

—Susan F.


“Michelle Coe was wonderful to work with. Extremely knowledgable and professional. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

— Jennifer L.


“Great experience. Will definitely be using BlueSkyPhoenix again.”

—Lahka P.


“Michelle was prompt, prepared and highly qualified. Excellent work.”

—James L.


“Very professional, insightful and responsive. Easy to communicate with. On time (ahead of schedule!) with work.”

—Patricia K.


“Very timely and responsive. She was always available and even spent the time to educate me on the screen printing process. Great job!”

—Dean S.


“Michelle is a delight to work with – recommend her wholeheartedly.”

—Kristiina H.