Spirituality as seen through a child’s eyes.

The Challenge

After blogging for a few years on the topic of child-centered spirituality, Janet was ready to take the next step — to write and publish her first book on the subject. However, her existing site couldn’t take the next step with her. Highly custom, yet outdated, the site was not well-positioned for marketing an upcoming book. The logo needed an update, and the content of the site needed to be reworked to provide an easier experience for the user.

The Solution

Using some of the original design elements and working closely with the client, the new face of Child-centered Spirituality came to life with a new, fully-responsive site redesign. A PDF opt-in was developed to entice visitors to join her email list, and a marketing strategy was laid out to begin promotion of her book, slated for release in November — just in time for Christmas. View the new site and the book at http://childcenteredspirituality.com.

The Book Design