Strategy that Delivers.

The Redesign

Alpha-Flow Management Consulting provides comprehensive business management services and needed a website that reflected the expertise and strength of its team. From the very outset, we focused on giving Alpha-Flow a look and feel that would take them to the next level. With a logo redesign and fresh new website, the brand now more accurately reflects the depth of experience and quality of service one can expect from Gary Grenter and his associates. Visit Alpha-Flow Management Consulting at

BlueSky Phoenix is by far the best website designer I have ever worked with. Michelle Coe was very patient with my lack of knowledge regarding how to design a website and took the time to explain the many options I had available to me. She did not attempt to tell me what my website should look like, but rather she asked me what I wanted to convey to my current and future clients. Her approach to this project, as I am sure it is with every project she undertakes, was to gain a clear understanding of my business model and the core values that guide how I do business. We also spoke in detail about how to convey that message to everyone who views the website. This process resulted in a website that communicates the professionalism and experience I attempt to bring to every client I serve. I now have a website that helps me market and grow my business. I hope it is obvious that I am a very happy customer and pleased with her outstanding work.

I highly recommend BlueSky Phoenix to anyone who is interested in making their website more than just a place to find a phone number, an address or display your products. If you are interested in making your website a vital part of your marketing strategic plan, I am confident that BlueSky Phoenix will meet and exceed your expectations.

Gary Grenter

Founder & CEO, Alpha-Flow Management Consulting