Disaster Home Inspections

The Challenge

The Solution

Vanguard Emergency Management is a strategic partnership committed to providing complete and compliant housing inspections under FEMA’s Housing Inspection Services (HIS) Program. Their existing website was insufficient to meet their organizational needs for an attractive, reliable website solution that provided reporting capabilities and inspection tracking for the thousands of inspectors in their employ. Further, the solution needed to be fully functional on the inspectors’ mobile devices. BlueSkyPhoenix developed and successfully deployed the first iteration of this solution. Shortly thereafter, Vanguard Emergency Management went through a reorganization, and their vision for the website shifted in a new, more encompassing direction, including a desire to use and expand our design to replace the main site at http://vanguardem.com. They re-engaged with BlueSkyPhoenix for development according to this new vision. We continue to provide hosting and technical support post-launch.