Elegant design. Livable works of art.

The Challenge

With an outdated website that was difficult to manage and update, Suzy was caught between a rock and a hard place. Her site and logo didn’t convey her design style, and getting a designer to make changes was nearly impossible. Furthermore, her site design was not mobile-friendly.

The Solution

A new logo and a clean, crisp design shows off her elegant design aesthetic. No need for elaborate embellishments, her work shines in her new, mobile friendly space. See the redesigned website at http://southstar-sterling.com.

When I met Michelle, the website for my Interior Design firm was stuck in the past. It was not enabled for mobile devices and the look and feel were dated. I too, had encountered difficulties working with various web designers over the years (either they were unresponsive to the point of taking months to complete tasks that should have taken days, or spent hours giving me every technical back-end detail that I didn’t need to know and didn’t understand). Needless to say, I dreaded the process of updating my website.

Working with Michelle was a breath of fresh air! She exceeded my expectations in every way, and I found the process fun and collaborative. By asking a few questions and really listening to my answers, she totally nailed my creative style and personality that I was trying to express through my website. Her creative style and mine were in sync throughout the project and she made suggestions that I had not even thought of that ultimately made the project better. She communicated clearly about what she needed from me, was extremely patient and gave me realistic expectations of her time frames for turnaround. It was an absolute joy to work with Michelle, and I could not recommend her more highly!

Suzy Watkins, ASID

Sterling Design Group, LLC