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The Redesign

Norma had a small website and a limited budget. She knew she needed a new look and better focus, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Technical barriers were also a frustration for her. With a refreshed logo, new iconography, and more effective images, Lifted Up, LLC was renewed.
Michelle Coe should coin the term “Coe-llaborator.” Because working WITH a client is certainly one of her top five strengths.

She doesn’t barge in with a “here’s what you should do” attitude. Instead, Michelle listens deeply, considers her understanding, seeks confirmation of that understanding, and only then asks questions and tries out ideas.

She asked me questions I wanted to be asked but didn’t realize it. She brought out the best of my own creativity to help her relaunch my website. I enjoyed being part of the process. Was she crazy in love with all of my ideas and suggestions? No. But she never caused me to feel dumb over putting forth an idea. Instead, she asked insightful questions such as, “So if you were an event planner looking for a speaker, how would that verbiage make you want to pick up the phone and call?”

Yes, indeed, she enabled me to be “brand” new.

I believe the act of recommending a professional should be taken seriously. People trust you to speak the truth.

Here’s the truth:
Hire Michelle Coe and BlueSkyPhoenix.

Norma Thatcher

Founder, Lifted Up, LLC