Logan Leadership

The Challenge

Although Logan Leadership had just undergone a redesign just a year earlier, the user experience still left something to be desired. The shop was not easily accessible, there were dead links throughout the site, images were not optimized, and the site was not fully responsive.

The products and services that Logan Leadership offered did not present as a unified brand. In fact, there were several different websites, all with different branding. It became clear that Logan Leadership would benefit from a unification of efforts, beginning with the brand strategy and extending out into a coordinated, ongoing marketing effort.

The Solution

A careful redesign brings Logan Leadership’s vision to life in a new way. The home page becomes a hub for all that Logan Leadership has to offer, and users are guided to the areas on the site where they can easily find what they need to accelerate their ministry. Bold colors, iconography, and a fully responsive theme pave the way for greater visual impact. Administrating the site is now easy, as well. See the redesigned website at http://loganleadership.com.

All of Logan Leadership’s product and service offerings are now in alignment with a unified brand. A marketing strategy which makes use of social media and email marketing services creates awareness and drives new users to the website. As new products and services are developed, the brand strategy continues to be at the forefront of the conversation.

The Books